To The Editor:

On April 2, voters who live in the school district of Washington will be asked to give approval for the district to borrow $26 million in new bonds.

If approved, the majority of the funds will be used to build a new South Point Elementary, with the rest used primarily for security upgrades to all the district’s schools. If approved, the tax rate will not increase. Every year the district pays down debt and interest rates remain low. Those two factors allow the district to borrow without any change to the tax rate.

The current South Point Elementary was built in 1952. It was built on soil that is not stable and its design would not conform to today’s building codes. The school is threatened with flooding every few years. It is our only school without central air conditioning. Twice this winter its boiler heating system has broken down and flooded the basement.

The school is overcrowded and some classes are in modular trailers. It is important for the voters to know that the district’s administration and school board have studied the problem extensively and have concluded that a new elementary school is the only feasible solution.

Schools do not last forever and the district’s last new school was built in 1998. School systems, both public and private, are a reflection of that community. They show where our priorities are and what we value.

On April 2, the voters in the Washington School District will have an opportunity to show what they value and what they believe is important. All our students, staff, families, and community deserve quality schools. Please vote yes.