To The Editor: 

Midterms may have passed but another important day this November is still upon us: Small Business Saturday! As a small business owner myself, I can tell you that as we celebrate this year, we have even more to be grateful for than usual.

In Missouri, small businesses are thriving. This is thanks much in part to the tax cuts that were passed in 2017, which not only resulted in financial relief for many businesses, but kept more money in the pockets of consumers. 

With more money for discretionary spending, communities felt empowered to look to their local businesses for retail needs and services. This was a huge win-win for workers, who saw employers expand their operations, meaning more jobs and higher pay. 

While communities come together this Nov. 24 to support their small businesses, let’s hope our legislators can do the same this year. The only way to continue this positive trend is to put pro-business policies first and partisan disagreements last.