To The Editor:

“The right to vote ... is the primary right by which other rights are protected.” — Thomas Paine

In keeping with the GOP’s war on voting, the Republican-led Supreme Court has just voted to put part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act on the shelf. Their justification for this seems to be that, in some states, willing black voters outnumber the willing white voters.

This unaccountable and unelected governing body’s explanation for this hold on voting rights is complete with tables that show higher participation of black voters than white and completely ignores 5 million unfortunate citizens who had their voting rights compromised in our last election.

In short, these five wealthy Republican autocrats are claiming that too many blacks are voting and a rollback of our voting rights protections is urgently needed to remedy what they see as a problem. So now we’ll pass voter restriction, Jim Crow laws, in all Republican majority states while waiting for the most do-nothing U.S. Congress in history to remedy this Supreme Court regulation of our voting rights.

According to Article 1 Sections 4 and 5, only Congress has the power to regulate elections ... not the Supreme Court. Here in Missouri and many other Republican majority Legislatures, lawmakers have given up on convincing the electorate of the wisdom of their proposals; instead the GOP has decided to simply restrict when, where, how and who votes by placing legal and financial obstacles (poll taxes and fees) in our citizens’ path to democracy.

Patriotism is in very short supply.