To The Editor:

Wednesday’s editorial “No Second Chances Misses the Mark.” In it you suggest that Democrats are overzealous in their penchant for political correctness.

Virginia Gov. Northam you say made a mistake decades ago but Democrats now demand purity. You claim today’s culture disqualifies even those who exercised bad judgment in their youth. First, may I remind you the photo was taken while the governor was an adult in medical school? He was hardly a babe and past the age where one could say “boys will be boys.”

We may well have demanded purity in regards to racial and sexual political correctness in this case, but we’ll never know. You see the governor took that opportunity away from us all when he now claims he wasn’t in the notorious photo of the blackface and KKK-costumed individuals a day after he admitted that he was.

The issue now isn’t racial injustice. It’s personal integrity. How on earth could an elected official mistakenly think he was in that photo when he was not? This tells me there are one of three credible explanations for what happened. First, he really wasn’t in the photo. But in order for his mistake to pass the red-faced test he would have had to have posed for many photos and just realized a day later that this wasn’t one of them; second, he was in the photo and after realizing this issue wasn’t going away decided to lie; third, the man is mentally unstable.

You say we can’t determine whether the governor is a person of integrity and we aren’t in a position to judge his sincerity. I disagree.

Read my three potential explanations again. Anyone with a bit of common sense can and should make that call.

The current cultural phenomenan that truly amazes me is this newfound double standard for politicians. Actions and statements by normal citizens that we would instantly condemn are now somehow judged to be OK. If there should be a double standard it should be that we judge politicians’ integrity more harshly than the rest of us. We have given them our trust.