To The Editor:

Your Jan. 23 editorial about Fulton’s 50th anniversary celebration of the dedication of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury Church on Westminster College campus brought back thoughts when I was there for that great event. Christopher Wren designed the church.

The church was brought to Fulton stone by stone and assembled. It had been destroyed in England by bombs in 1941. The church is in memory of Sir Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech.

Earl Mountbatten of Burma, member of the royal family and the queen’s representative, gave the principal address. Mrs. Christopher Soame, Sir Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter, and son, Nicholas, were present. Missouri Gov. John Dalton addressed the large audience.

Overhead a Spitfire British fighter airplane and two American P-51s were in flight.

The Fulton Daily Sun-Gazette published a special edition along with a cookbook of Sir Winston’s favorite meals. My wife, Else, uses the cookbook.

At that time I was the general manager for the Fulton Daily Sun-Gazette.