To The Editor:

We all know that moving into Pacific always has a risk of being in a flood zone. But does anyone move into a neighborhood where your next door neighbors are not in the flood zone and you are being required to carry insurance?

FEMA didn’t even want to take a look at their own map to see my house was sitting in the middle of homes out of the zone. I spoke to the proper person at city hall who told me that FEMA was going to make the whole area clear.

I know you are asking “Didn’t I know I was moving into a flood zone?” Well, that answer is no. The seller’s information sheet did not check the box that indicated a flood zone or not. When you find out at closing that you will need insurance to close on the loan, it was so overwhelming that we got the insurance with the expectations that someone was going to clear this up for us.

Then, I found out that all my neighbors were taken out of the flood zone already and they had to pay people to prove it to FEMA.

FEMA knows my house should be out of the flood zone but refuses to just look at the map and take my house out now before I have to make another payment to the insurance company. The aldermen and city engineer could look into this for our neighborhood and support their people.