To The Editor:

My family went to Lions Lake this weekend to bar-becue. When we got there we started at pavilion No. 2 and shortly while we were still waiting for others to get there a man showed up and said he had rented the pavilion for a party.

There was not any type of signs posted letting us know it had been reserved.

We moved to another pavilion and started grilling and around 2 p.m. a lady showed up stating they had that pavilion rented for a baby shower. They were very nice and let us finish grilling our food then we moved to yet another area to eat.

My thing is if people are paying to reserve pavilions, the parks department should have to put up signs letting others know they are going to be used and for what time frame. Yes, they give papers to the people who rented, but the pubic has no clue until they’re asked to stop what they are doing and move.

I believe they should have their pavilions that they paid for, but people shouldn’t have to hope no one shows up to boot them, so to speak, because the parks department doesn’t post something.