To The Editor:

You would think the poor guy would be sulking a lot because he was beaten in the election. But, now he says he is at peace!

How can he do that? Most politicians would say he is crazy, I think. For one thing, he doesn’t take a majority position on the issues. He was agreeing with God, “flat out”!

These days and times if one agrees with God (thou shall not kill), you will probably not get elected. In fact, it was proven so in our recent election, either that or you are reading Scripture backward, “flat out”!

So the majority of voters are saying, “Don’t believe the Scriptures.”

Contrarily, President Obama won the election by proving there is a real Santa Claus (Uncle Sam). Alas, we now have 50 percent of the people on his side who would rather sleep than work. And why not, they say, as they pick up a government check.

Yet, God has said we must work six days a week and rest on the seventh day, strange world isn’t it?