To The Editor:

I agree with Mr. Leroy Nunn’s letter asking, “What is wrong with our local boards?” Mr. Nunn has hit the nail on the head.

I think Mr. Hollo should resign immediately or the board should fire him, but after the “perks” they received, they are not going to do that, they want the free cellphones. The board should resign for not doing their job properly, not watching how the dollars are spent.

The same should apply to the fire department board. Asleep at the wheel, they are not watching how the tax dollars are spent.

Why are ambulance and fire department vehicles driven for personal use, sometimes out of the county? The excuse I heard was that there might be an emergency and they would be on call. They are not going to be back in time anyway. These kinds of actions are a slap in the face to the hard-working, dedicated ambulance and fire department personnel.

The voting public needs to pay more attention when we vote for the board members or a tax increase.

Thank you, Mr. Nunn, for making us more aware of what’s going on.