To The Editor:

I recently realized something regarding the gun control debate. The old Sesame Street feature “One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)” is the perfect vehicle to educate those with gun fetishes why a nonsporting firearm (or nonhunting firearm) is dissimilar to a car, a tire iron, a candelabra — whatever object the gun crowd wants to employ to express their point that that particular item can also be used to kill another person.

An automobile is made to get a person, or persons, from point A to point B. When a car is used to kill another person — either intentionally or unintentionally — its designed use has been perverted.

The same can be said of the baseball bat and candelabra: its designed use has been distorted when it’s used to bash someone’s head in. However, the ultimate, express intent of the prototypical nonsporting firearm (again, a nonhunting firearm) is to harm or kill another human being.

This is how this one thing is not like the others.

I hope this helps, because nothing else seems to resonate with the gun crowd. Maybe someone with far more talent than myself can spoof this Sesame Street feature with the above listed implements to further elaborate the point.

E.J. Rotert