To The Editor:

There is a crisis happening on the border between the United States and Mexico. People with families are trying to enter the U.S. for a better life. I can’t blame them, however, we in this country can no longer save all the people of the world.

We are a broke country and are unable to care for some of our own citizens. Food pantries are being emptied at a record pace. Many folks with small children find that this is the only way to feed their families.

We need the fence for our own national security. We have no way of keeping unwanted folks from entering our country. After the wall is completed, we can cut a 2x4 opening through which money can be passed to folks on the opposite side. Be a lot cheaper and more beneficial to folks on the other side.

I have yet to hear of anyone willing to take some of these folks into their homes and care for them. That would be a great humane effort.

Not even the Democrats have come up with this idea. The California delegation should jump on this idea. I’m for the hole in the wall myself, helping folks to help themselves.