To The Editor:

Once again there is talk about socialism. Question: Are there any benefits to socialism? The answer is no. There are no benefits to socialism! None!

Socialism’s main goal is to put you into slavery to its cause or to kill you in the process.

In a socialist country you have no rights. None! The socialist party is in total control of your life.

“DAS Party” will tell you where to live, what type of job you will have; they will take your property (redistribution of wealth), and bankrupt your business (steal).

You will need permission from “DAS Party” to marry and have children. Forced abortions (murder) are performed on those women who do not have permission to get pregnant beforehand. Abortions (murder) can be performed even at the time of birth.

Let’s not forget about mandatory sterilization if you have more children than “DAS Party” says you can have.

In a socialist society there is no such thing as a retirement program, no Social Security, no medical care, no freedom of speech or freedom of press, no personal property ownership, no workers’ compensation, no vacations, no freedom of movement, no religious freedom and no due process of law.

In a socialist country you will work your whole life for “DAS Party” until you die. You and your family will suffer humiliation, malnutrition and be starved into submission or death. In the process, you will be hit with excessive taxes, which you will not be able to pay.

By the way, if you do not conform or say anything negative about “DAS Party,” you and even your entire family can be sent to prison (gulag, concentration and re-education camps) where you will be severely punished and may possibly die.

In the long run the Socialist Party will fail but not before destroying basic human rights and the economy, which will result in a severe depression, hyperinflation and a famine. A mass exodus of people will try to escape the tyranny because they are desperate to live. In desperation, the Socialist Party will try to continue by invading its neighboring countries so it can once again enslave, exploit and murder others who cannot protect themselves. Finally, God-fearing people will band together and destroy the socialist regime. Amen!

Once again, there are no benefits to socialism! None! More and more our republic is heading toward socialism, which can simply be stopped by voting against it. By the way . . . if you are a swastika-wearing socialist, you too can be a victim of socialism.