To The Editor:

I think The Missourian is on to something about our local state representation.

If our respective representatives in the Missouri Legislature, i.e. Nieves and Curtmann, represent Missouri’s version of constitutional lawyers then we the voters of Franklin County should bow our heads in shame.

This Mutt and Jeff team, with an open book, couldn’t pass an entrance exam into a regular college much less a law school. These two can only speak and dramatize the fear and loathing they see in an America bent on some sort of evil domination over our personal lives.

Do we hear their voices on local issues; roads and bridges; AMEREN coal ash dump; or the myriad of issues that impact Missouri now?

Writing Second Amendment screeds for publication, foreign nations taking our property, is conversation for a dystopian coffee klatch in the corner of a lonely cafe, but not for making law.

Making good law requires some due diligence, goes beyond a lobbyist’s model legislation and seeks all viewpoints to help make good decisions.

However, we have what we have.

Outrage toward “silly libs,” and government domination, keep Mutt and Jeff busy trying to one up each other on who can be more outrageous.