To The Editor:

Our Legislature has failed to do its job yet again. Failed to properly fund our schools. Failed to fund basic maintenance. Failed to fund programs for our veterans. Failed to protect family farmers. So much failure in so little time.

Worse, then they turn around and ask our good citizens to make the hard choices that they themselves are unwilling to make.

Do you want a quality education for your children? Go ahead and raise your local property taxes year after year then because this Legislature won’t help you.

Do you want well-maintained roads and bridges? You’ll pay a higher sales tax (the biggest sales tax increase in Missouri history) and the interstate trucking companies who use the roads get off scot free.

Do you want to help our veterans? This Legislature failed to properly fund veterans’ services. Now they want you to pull money from our already dwindling funds for education, setting up a competition between our kids and our soldiers. If you think they won’t then go back later and tell those veterans “you’re getting lottery money now —you don’t need us to fund your programs” then you haven’t been paying attention to what they’ve done to education.

Do you want to keep family farms in business? This Legislature wants you to forget that a constitutional amendment trumps state law — the 1975 statute that prohibits foreign ownership of Missouri farms won’t survive even the most frivolous lawsuit. And then they want to allow farming corporations “special” rights to pollute the water, air and land without any recourse. You don’t have that right (nor should you). Why should they have that special right?

This just shows that this Legislature does not have the well-being of the people of Missouri foremost in their minds.

This Legislature has failed to do the job it is paid to do. Don’t do it for them.