To The Editor:

Those among us who felt before the 2018 congressional elections that the gridlock at the highest levels of government had become intolerably frustrating and unbearable probably realize by now that “they hadn’t seen anything yet.”

Under the present House Democrat leadership of Nancy Pelosi, the gridlock mess has become worse than ever previously. Judging by her ridiculous behavior in general, she could well deservedly be dubbed “the speaker who would be president.”

She needs to realize that there can be only one president at a time. Currently that is Donald Trump, distasteful as that may be to her and others of her ilk.

Sadly, many liberals, chief among them Hillary and her coterie, have been found to have apparently plotted extensively to derail the candidacy of Trump with an unprecedented full arsenal of nefarious, dirty deeds, the full scope of which are still being uncovered. When Trump managed to pull off his incredible upset victory, hordes of “never-Trumpers” quickly materialized “out of the woodwork” to demonstrate and/or pillory him to give him so much grief that some hoped and expected for it to drive him out of office right at the outset of his term.

The mainstream media, for the most part, gleefully promoted and joined in the pile-on by reporting 90-93 percent negative coverage of Trump no matter what he did, a practice that continues unabated to the present, pointedly ignoring his many noteworthy, praiseworthy, needed restorative accomplishments to bring our economy to its best shape in 50 years, and possibly ever.

Instead, they prefer to dwell on, nitpick, and attempt to magnify every kind and manner of flaw and/or shortcoming virtually known to mankind. Even one of our esteemed local professionals cannot seem to restrain himself from repeatedly and obsessively lambasting and lampooning Trump, in the process curiously ignoring or tossing aside any and all normal ethical and/or possible legal restraints that he may well be wantonly trampling on.

Now since the liberals control the House, Pelosi and her cohort, Chuck Schumer of the Senate, seem hell-bent and emboldened to continue to spearhead and even escalate their campaign to try to drive him from office in any desperate, high stakes way they can.

They make quite plain that they are unwilling to cooperate with Trump even in small ways, unwilling to give him any quarter or support on any of his agendas, meanwhile digging up and throwing at him any mud that they can find. Their only political interest seems to lie in discrediting him in any way they can in their lust for power.

Also, working against Trump as always are the monolithic facade of the Democrats and the continuing senseless fragmentation of the congressional Republicans and their pitifully poor, lukewarm support generally afforded Trump.

However, Trump had to be greatly buoyed up by his masterful State of the Union address, which garnered him a hefty 77 percent approval rating nationwide.

Furthermore, clever though the Democrats may think they are, Trump no doubt has hope that their nakedly recalcitrant tactics will backfire on them big time between now and the 2020 elections.