To The Editor:

More and more articles are appearing that state that a wall on the Mexican border would be a waste of taxpayer money, because it will not work to keep illegals out of the country. Yet, no one is suggesting that building this wall is the complete and total answer that will magically resolve the problem we have with illegal immigration. But, it will definitely help.

Automobiles have seat belts to help protect occupants in the event of a crash. Some homes have alarm systems to help prevent intruders from breaking in. Umbrellas are designed to help keep rain off of people. Bicycle helmets are made to protect riders’ heads in the case of a fall. But, none of these products offers 100 percent protection, and no one is saying otherwise.

Do we really need to waste our time explaining to people that the same situation is true for this wall? Should we also do away with seat belts, helmets, and so on since they don’t offer a complete and total solution?

It is time for the people on the left to drop the rhetoric, and have an intelligent, adult, realistic conversation about our options. We already know that the wall is not the complete answer, but we are adult enough to know that it will help, and to accept the fact that we have a real problem with illegal immigration. Stop telling us things we already know. Stop telling us that immigration is good. We already know this! But, coming to our country illegally is not good, and it needs to be stopped so as to protect the jobs, lives, and finances of the people who live here legally, and pay taxes to support our government.