To The Editor:

I just watched an ad on TV where police and firemen were telling everyone to vote yes on Amendment 7. The ad stated every dollar would be spent on Missouri highways. “It’s the Law” the ad stated.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I encourage everyone to go online to MoDOT then on its site click “Moving Forward.” You will find a 36-page document of where MoDOT proposes to spend monies from this tax increase.

How about hundreds of millions of dollars for airports, sidewalks, hiking/biking trails, railroad loops, streetcars (yes streetcars), buildings, contributions for longer hours for bus services in cities, Amtrak, and yes there’s something for barges also, the list goes on and on. (Yes they do plan on spending money for highways including new highways.) If they can’t afford to maintain the highways they have now how do they plan on maintaining the highways we have now plus all of the new highways they plan to build after the 10-year tax expires? It’s simple, they will simply say we need to vote the tax back in to be able to maintain the new highways.

I do not want to pay for streetcars in Kansas City or St. Louis, I do not want to pay for hiking/biking trails in some town that I’ll never visit. If they want these projects then let them build and pay for them.

This is one of the biggest government spending frenzies in our state in a long, long time. Perhaps some of these officials should be sent to Washington, D.C., so they could really spend some money.

Our government has obviously decided that if they give everyone “something” then everyone will vote for this HUGE tax increase.

It is time to tell all government officials to live within their budgets like the rest of us.

Vote no on all tax increases.