To The Editor:

To begin, I know I’ve been here before and not everyone agrees with what I’ve written. But new issues (symptoms) keep coming up and I am increasingly afraid for our country, not to mention the world.

I believe our “president” is psychotic (aka “crazy”), a sociopath (aka psychopath), or more likely both. Psychiatrists do not attempt to make diagnoses without adequate data, from the patient, the family, and perhaps the community. Most psychiatric illnesses are easily diagnosed and treated. Others develop and make their appearance more slowly, are more complicated and more dangerous.

At this point, two years into Trump’s presidency, we don’t have to search very hard to find and evaluate symptoms. I’d point out that diagnosing without a face-to-face evaluation is not a good thing to attempt, and trying to treat someone in these circumstances would be malpractice. However, it’s not simply this psychiatrist evaluating this particular patient and his apparent illness. It is millions of our citizens, including a large group of psychiatrists across the country, much better known than me. We don’t want to try to treat Trump. People like him are impossible to treat. We just want him the hell out of our lives.

OK, sit down, crack open a beer, get a bowl of peanuts and proceed. Sixty percent of you will agree with me, 40 percent won’t. The latter should probably stop reading right here.

Let’s start with Trump’s signature campaign promise: “that big beautiful wall that Mexico will pay for.” His demands for funding have varied all over the place, and most recently he pulled $5.7 billion out of his hat (or somewhere). Pelosi and the majority Democratic House predictably said “Not one penny for a wall.” So Trump went into his 2-year-old mode and shut down the government: “I’ll be proud to take responsibility for it.” The result of a record 35-day shutdown was 800,000 government workers put out of work, and the damage to the economy is still being added up. It’s thought to be in the billions.

But he doesn’t get his money, so then comes the “national emergency,” an end-run around the Congress and the Constitution. In a garbled press conference recently, among other things, he said, “I didn’t need to do this. I just wanted it to go faster.” And then, “I don’t know what I’ll do with all the money.” At the end of the conference he pumped his fist in the air and headed for Florida and much-needed golf. His plan is to get his billions from the Pentagon or perhaps from federal funds allocated to deal with the opioid epidemic. (Is this crazy or what, given his delusion of huge amounts of drugs coming into the country through the border?) If these sources do not pan out, his fallback is to raid funds set aside for hurricane relief. He notes that the funds he will raid “don’t sound too important to me.”

Trump is vengeful, maybe heartless, as evidenced by separating children from illegal parents. Some were placed in camps, many others around the country, with no record of where they are. Many will never see their parents again. “This will teach illegals not to bring their kids into the country.”

Now, let’s look at Trump’s wonderful relationships with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Putin would never lie to him — “I don’t know why he would” — and he says he and Kim “fell in love” during their summit meeting. At the same time, Trump ignores reports from the heads of his security agencies, who paint a much more dangerous picture: Russia hacking our security systems, placing “fake news” — for once, this fits — in various outlets, including Facebook.

Incredibly, Trump chooses to believe what Putin and Kim tell him. He notes that he knows more about threats to this country than his security agencies. Putin and Kim are eating his lunch like a ham sandwich, and he is too stupid to recognize it. (The development of nuclear ICBMS in North Korea?) Putin assures him that the program has stopped. “Why would he lie to me?”

Our allies, including all those in NATO, from which Trump plans to withdraw, don’t know what to think about the craziness and believe they can’t trust anything Trump says because of the thousands of lies he has told in the past two years. They are beginning to back off of relationships with the U.S., which has been the bedrock of free countries — up until now. We will be isolated, will become powerless and pass into limbo in world politics.

I have wondered, by the way, whether the endless lies are intentional to make things go the way he wants them, or whether many of them are based on delusional (psychotic) thinking. Doesn’t make a lot of difference, I suppose.

I am afraid for our country. This man is destroying it, piece by piece, and he must be stopped. The ex-director of the FBI wonders if he might be a “Soviet asset.” Invoking the 25th Amendment would seem to be more likely to succeed than impeachment. However, the worms on the Republican side of the Senate would likely quash any attempt at either of these. But Trump is indeed unfit to lead the country.

One final thought: Trump’s attacks on the First Amendment and the press is perhaps most frightening of all. Without a press to report on his crazy behavior, he could do anything he d- - - - - well pleases.

God help us all.