To The Editor:

Our society and human beings in general constantly amaze me. I just don’t understand our thinking. Here is what I am talking about. We fuss about how our political leaders don’t represent us. We are taken aback by their lack of leadership. We are repulsed by their lack of morals and decency. We are surprised by their arrogance. Yet . . . and here’s what I totally don’t understand . . . why do we vote these folks back into office.

Former President Bill Clinton is probably the biggest example. By his actions he disgraced not only himself and his so-called family but the highest political office in our country. We all know what he did.

Another example is Andrew Weiner. Here is a guy who had it all. A U.S. congressman, a beautiful wife, a real up and comer but again by his actions decides to send a picture of himself sexually aroused to a woman through a telephone text message. Now he wants to run to be mayor of New York City.

Then we have Mark Sanford who was the governor of South Carolina who takes off with his girlfriend, goes on a romp down in Argentina I believe on our dime. Yep, he has an affair and our government paid for it. He was just re-elected to a congressional seat in South Carolina.

This is not about political parties. Both political parties have their share of folks who have committed “venial” sins. A venial sin is a forgivable sin. I was raised believing that to sin was not a good thing and a serious offense. However, in some religious and social circles there are varying degrees of sin.

My final example of folks who have strayed from why they are in political office and have betrayed the American public is Hillary Clinton. This woman has repeatedly lied to us. Not only has she lied to us — she has blatantly lied. We cannot put the Benghazi incident behind us. We cannot kick it under the rug. First she said the Benghazi attack was just some protestors who spun out of control. We know it was a terrorist attack.

Second, she said it didn’t matter and when she was called before Congress she dismissed their questions. Not only did she lie, she lied under oath. Thirdly, because she was still technically secretary of state she conducted a fraudulent investigation. It was only an attempt to cover her mistakes. Fourthly, she could have stopped the attack. We all know now there were military units in the area that could have been called in. Fifthly, she has tried to silence the whistleblowers.

Here is the crowning blow. Hillary Clinton wants to be president of the United States in 2016. Why would we even begin to give her a chance? If she is elected we have only ourselves to blame. Hillary just needs to fade away. I personally want some political leaders who have character to be in Congress and above all I want someone I can trust as my president.