To The Editor:

Education for our children is the top priority of our public school system. The school district will do whatever is necessary to provide this, as our children deserve the best education available and nothing less. Thanks to everyone who voted for Question 1. I do hope all of my fellow Washington School District alumni voted in favor of both Questions 1 and 2, as we were all given an A+ education regardless of what we did as adults.

The passage of Question 1 will provide the necessary instructional tools that will be required in the next school year. It will also provide a center for all early learning which was a need well overdue.

As in the past, the district “will make it work” even though the classroom will continue to be overcrowded, teaching in the halls wherever there is an empty space, patchwork on buildings that are no longer adequate in any away. Those who voted against Question 2 would be the first and most vocal to complain if a child were injured in one of those sad substitutions for a real classroom in a real building. What if, God forbid, there was a fire in a trailer and a child was seriously injured or worse yet, died. The district would be sued and the citizens would demand answers.

The issue of safety was thoroughly addressed over and over but apparently made no impact on voters. Needless to say I am an unhappy, no, angry parent with the community for rejecting Question 2. I understand the tax increase is a problem for the many citizens who live paycheck to paycheck, young or old, whether from salaries or government programs, sometimes making it difficult to find another dime. The bond issues have been presented before, while the parents wait with hopeful expectation only to be defeated one more time, but as with the phoenix, we will rise again!

We will try again and hopefully my child will be able to benefit from an uncrowded classroom in a new building not located in a floodplain. Unfortunately, you hear criticisms of the school board all too often. Could we not just focus on the needs of the children in the Washington School District and go forward?