To The Editor:

As someone who was born in the ’90s to see the technological growth of our society first hand, I am shocked that there are so many people around here who know nothing about the current FCC rulings that are going to affect our daily lives. For anybody who doesn’t know, in December of 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to repeal the current legislation that says that internet service providers (Comcast, Charter, Verizon, etc.) must treat all data on the internet equally. 

This basically means that all websites and companies are on an equal playing field online. The internet service providers can’t block or slow down your internet if you are using a product other than the one they provide.

This is going to change in just five days. On June 11, the internet will no longer be regulated and the internet service providers will be able to slow down or block any website they don’t want you to see. 

If Verizon comes out with a video streaming service, you can bet they are going to stop you from being able to watch Netflix and YouTube. If AT&T starts selling music streaming subscriptions, you can say farewell to Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify. If Comcast starts making video games, you can bet that your child’s Xbox Live is going to start costing a lot more money.

You might think that this is all scare tactics, that these companies wouldn’t do something so blatantly self-serving. You would be wrong. There have already been multiple examples of these very companies doing the exact same thing. Verizon users were not able to access Google Wallet on their phones because Verizon released “Isis,” their competing product. AT&T blocked their customers from using FaceTime unless they paid more money. Comcast customers found that they could not access STEAM (the most popular computer game provider). 

I’m getting close to my 400-hundred character limit, so I will start to wrap things up. The reality of the situation is that our society has grown to rely on consistent internet access for our daily lives. Personally, I use the internet to pay bills, check prescription information, and maintain correspondence with friends and co-workers. 

This is an important issue that our citizens need to be aware of and something that our legislators need to take a stand against. Please spread the word about this, as it will undoubtedly affect everyone.