To The Editor:

I would like to congratulate the Washington Missourian, weekend edition, on coverage of “Diggin’ Our Differences.”

Having a foreign exchange student in your home is a great experience. To learn new customs, language and cultural differences enriches everyone.

The Washington community in many instances has opened its homes to these students and has experienced so much from what the students bring with them. Our schools, both Washington High and St. Francis Borgia Regional, have opened their doors to these students and by doing so have enriched the entire school climate. The staff at both high schools do everything possible to help these students, in English and especially American history, which in many cases these students have no knowledge.

The students at both high schools have accepted them and in many cases have become very good friends. It’s not easy coming to a new country but with the acceptance of faculty and students, their stay with us also has enriched these students because they take home a greater knowledge of our English language, our customs and new friends, sometimes for life.

It has been our privilege to have four foreign exchange students over the years and we have been blessed to have them become part of our family. In the past we have had a young man from Mexico, two young men from Germany and this past year a young man from Milan, Italy. This year we again are hosting a young man from Denmark, who will be attending Washington High School. A new experience for us to learn more about the country of Denmark.

This is just a thank you to the parents who have opened their homes and have accepted these students. The United States has much to offer, but the Washington community has even more, because this is a great place to raise our children.