To The Editor:

Recently, the St. Clair mayor received a letter of reprimand from the FAA which stated they must discontinue letting the airport run down and work with the pilots and the public to fulfill their fiduciary relationship to the airport. For five or six years, the city has tried to undermine the airport. It even forbade people to do volunteer work at the airport, while the mayor’s wife was in the paper for volunteering work uptown.

When the present St. Clair Missourian editor came on board a couple of years ago, he fell right in and went out of his way to present a one-sided story. Do you really need to print the whole background every couple of weeks? That’s valuable print space. I’m sure that anybody who cares already knows.

I don’t know Jim DeVries, but I know the St. Clair Missourian editor is trying to make him Public Enemy No. 1. Mr. DeVries has a right to be vocal and must not be too far off base when the FAA agrees with him. The St. Clair Missourian editor crossed the line in the Jan. 16, 2013, issue on Page 2S when he said Mr. DeVries “smirked.”

He should be reprimanded.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.