To The Editor:

“Could It Be? Villa Ridge Man Believes He Has Located Noah’s Ark” in the April 5-6 Missourian is certainly a timely article. Darren Aronofsky’s movie “Noah” has been receiving both positive and negative reviews from Christians. Ken Ham of the Genesis Institute, which has a fine display on Noah’s Ark and is planning to build a replica of Noah’s Ark, says the movie is disgusting and evil-paganism, “the least biblical film ever made.”

Dr. Brian Mattson, who serves as a senior scholar of public theology for the Center for Cultural Leadership wrote a scathing review of Aronofsky’s “Noah” that takes aim at the many Christian leaders who endorsed the film “direct from Kabbalist and Gnostic sources” that has zero to do with the Bible (Christian News, April 14, 2014).

Mark Stettes is to be commended for his interest in finding Noah’s Ark and plans to travel to Mount Ararat in Turkey. After publishing stories of the finding of Noah’s Ark, reviewing books about Noah’s Ark, listening to friends who led expeditions to find Noah’s Ark for almost 50 years, this editor doubts it has ever been found. The Bible says the ark rested on the “mountains of Ararat.” This could also include Mount Cudi. The March 11, 2013, Christian News published a review of Mary Irwin’s “The Unsolved Mystery of Noah’s Ark.” She is the wife of the late moon-walking astronaut, Jim Irwin. The book was prompted by a deceptive National Geographic special on Noah’s Ark in May 2009.

Over the millennia, thousands of people, including an Assyrian king, have made pilgrimages to look for Noah’s Ark. Some have brought back wood they claimed was from Noah’s Ark, as souvenirs and objects of worship. “Mount Cudi — True Mountain of Noah’s Ark,” the major story in the fall Bible and Spade, published by Associates for Biblical Research ( suggests that Mount Cudi is most likely the peak in the mountains of Ararat where Noah’s Ark rested.

Christian News has often said that most of Noah’s Ark will probably never be found since it is entirely possible and logical that the Ark was dismantled and much of it used for other buildings at a time when there was no other wood available for buildings.

Archaeological work is important. Nelson Glueck, a ranking archaeologist featured on the cover of Time wrote in his “Rivers in the Desert” (New York: Farrar, Starus, and Cudahy, 1959) that “It may be stated that categorically no archaeological discovery ever controverted a biblical reference,” page 31. While the findings of archaeology have been faith strengthening, many would still not believe in Christianity and the Bible if Noah’s Ark were discovered. Jesus said that “If they don’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they won’t be convinced if someone rose from the dead” Luke 16:31. God gave man his inspired and inerrant Word in the Bible. That is all He needs to find out who created the world and who saved all men from sin through the death and resurrection of Christ celebrated on Good Friday and Easter.