To The Editor:

In your recent letters you printed one from Dolores Schwaller regarding Lee Iacocca’s “new” book.

It’s obvious she never read it.

My copy of this “new” book has a copyright date of 2007. This is two years before Obama became president.

Iacocca was talking about George W. and his folks. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet by someone with an ax to grind. Go to the library and get yourself a copy of the real book.

Also shame on the staff of The Missourian for publishing something so inaccurate!

On the other hand, kudos to Charles Coy on his observations of the activities of Congress. Time to get rid of all of them and eliminate their lifetime pensions and medical coverage.

Put them on Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us and support an amendment to the Constitution that says they cannot pass a law that affects us that doesn’t affect them nor a law that affects them that doesn’t affect us equally.