To The Editor:

In your March 13 Op-Ed, “Media Fixation,” you list countless claims for which you offer not the slightest supporting evidence or even explanations for what you mean regarding Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

You blast “big media” which you say means “big city” media for being fixated on Rep. AOC. You go on to claim big media doesn’t know they’re “being had” by OAC. How so? Please explain. Are they not reporting what she is saying?

You say Big Media is lost in its bias in its editorials, news stories and headlines. Yet you fail to opine on why then did the liberal media fawn and drool over conservative Trump during his entire campaign? You couldn’t turn the TV on without seeing him. You figure the fixation on AOC is “undoubtedly” based on her liberal ideas and outlandish statements. Folks, I’m here to say no one can out-outlandish Trump when it comes to statements, both in quality and quantity. But his doesn’t seem to bother your “objective and fair” reporting in the least.

You then continue to bash AOC and other far-left advocates for their socialistic ideas but offer absolutely no explanation for what socialism means and what socialistic ideas are being supported. Instead of educating readers you take the easy way out and just use the conservatives’ magic word label “socialism” and let readers apply their own nightmarish definitions instead of defining specific programs and explaining why you consider them socialistic and why you are for or against them.

Then you claim these “far out liberals” need history lessons to show them how “dangerous” their positions are. What history lessons are you thinking of? Could it be the one on “trickle-down” economics that Republicans have been selling as snake oil since Will Rogers’ day 80 years ago? Or the dangerous idea of universal health care even though every other civilized country in the world (none as wealthy as the USA) enjoys this care. You don’t see any of their citizens clamoring for our system of care do you? I doubt they consider their system “dangerous.”

I will, however, agree with you on one point when you state, “If all of this has a lesson, it is that voters need to better inform themselves of the types of candidates” who will be running. It’s about time you started helping out in that area.