To The Editor:

The local DAV van from Washington has been instrumental in delivering veterans to their appointments at John Cochran, Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, also the van picks up veterans in Franklin County for their appointments at the Washington community-based outpatient clinic.

Iā€™m writing to thank the staff at The Missourian for their support that we always need volunteer drivers. On average, the DAV van delivers 40 veterans a month and we stack on 3,500 miles per month. I now have 15 volunteer drivers, thanks to your notifications in the paper.

The van is running Monday through Friday, delivering anywhere from one to five veterans.

Gerald and Sue Hellebusch donated the van through the DAV. Riechers Tire and Auto does all the service work on the van at no charge.

All the volunteer drivers are out there for five to 12 hours delivering the veterans, waiting and driving between both Jefferson Barracks, John Cochran, and the Washington clinic.

The DAV van transportation service has been remarkable for the VA health care system.