To The Editor:

Bravo, St. Charles County councilors, and thank you for doing what elected officials should be doing, listening, evaluating and acting in the best interests of their citizens!

Your resolution asking the EPA to verify that Ameren’s “special monitor” readings are accurate concerning harmful sulfur dioxide emissions is smart and forward thinking. Why the Labadie plant does not have scrubbers to greatly reduce poisonous sulfur dioxide is a question many have asked for a long time.

The belligerent response to the St. Charles’ resolution by Franklin County commissioners is not a surprise and is consistent with their attitude toward their own citizens who have raised concerns about anything to do with the Labadie Plant.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil comes to mind, and when challenged, the commissioners’ lack of willingness to investigate and reliance on Ameren assurances is evident. In the meantime, sulfur dioxide is chugging out of the plant and into our lungs causing all manner of health problems, just Google a bit for a list.

Maybe Ameren has told the Franklin County commissioners that the winds don’t blow over the river?