To The Editor:

 I want to congratulate Herman Otten on his letter regarding Winston Churchill.  

Churchill  was indeed a drunken warmonger who had the chance to put a stop to World War II.  While Mr. Otten criticizes Churchill’s action during World War I, including his desire to sink the Lusitania, Churchill’s actions go back even further when in 1895 he became a “war correspondent” to avoid any actual military duty.  In 1899 he carefully avoided the bloody Boer War in South Africa by again getting a commission to act as a reporter.  

At the outset of the First World War Churchill, as head of the Admiralty, established the infamous hunger blockade of Germany which resulted in over a half million deaths, mostly women and children.  Another Churchill failure was the 1914 disaster at Antwerp which cost the lives of over 2,500 men.  Churchill’s failures during World War I are so many I cannot hope to list them all here.

 Fast forward to World War II.  Churchill turned down over a dozen offers of peace from Adolf Hitler, including Hitler’s plan to send Rudolf Hess with an offer of peace to England.  Churchill, instead of considering the peace offer, locked Hess up for the rest of his life.  The actions of Churchill as a warmonger cannot be questioned.  Even those who worked with him considered him a drunkard Mad Dog.  

M.S. King writes a most detailed life of Winston Churchill, the man who could have put a stop to World War II almost before it started but instead preferred to sacrifice the lives of millions.  If you are interested in Mr. King’s book feel free to contact me at 636-357-8770.