To The Editor:

My name is Theresa Johnson and my address is 1667 Highway TT, St. Clair.

I am 90-plus years of age and have lived at this address for some 56 years, and my in-laws before me for probably 60 years. There is a quarter mile of farmland involved here.

Also, two entrances, my son, Mark Johnson, at 1296 Highway TT, and rental property at 1264 Highway TT, which is also a quarter of a mile long. These drives enter onto Highway TT.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m writing to complain about Meramec Aggregates Inc., and I am begging you to do everything in your power to prevent this from happening. It is a terrible thing in so many ways, which I will explain.

First of all, having unknown, untrained and inexperienced drivers coming six days a week down Highway TT, in addition to Havin’s 140 trucks is unthinkable. There are enough crazy drivers on Highway TT now who do not care and pass on hills, dips and curves.

Secondly, there are the railroad tracks. Trains come through there many times throughout the day and night.

Thirdly, Highway TT is a state highway with lots of hills, dips and curves. It was built when the area was a garbage dump, but thankfully, it had to close when there wasn’t enough dirt to cover the trash. We are still waiting for the “nice park,” Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer promised when the dump closed.

Fourthly, this is a deer area. It would be terribly dangerous for deer and truck drivers. Also, school buses travel on Highway TT. You don’t have to be very smart to imagine what problems this could cause.

Besides all of the above situations, there are no shoulders on Highway TT and there are many embankments that drivers could roll off of easily. These trucks and Havin trucks would not fare so well in this situation.

After reading this, can you possibly imagine having this crap that is trying to be forced on neighbors who live on Highway TT? Havin, please take your ideas elsewhere.