To The Editor:

Re: Two Railroad Crossings Will Be Rebuilt

You seem to have forgotten the ridiculous $500,000 price tag for this illegal railroad crossing work in Union. Railroad crossing surface repair costs are the railroads’ baby to rock per Missouri statutes.

The trick is to waste our railroad safety funds on nothing so no crossings with no signals get signals, saving/making railroads the $$$ they worship in maintenance costs. Will the oh-no-not-safe crossing gates stolen by the railroads out of Pacific be shined up and used here at full price?

One Washington street crossing has gates already and the second is a pull-off that might be used five times a year. Stop and flag. Flashing lights are perfectly good for 10 mph trains on Church Street.

So someone is killed at one of the 50 mph tracks with more trains crossings in Franklin County that actually need crossing gates — the murder charges will be on MoDOT that approved this garbage — the FRA that we pay $1.5 billion for free track/train inspections for their railroad buds who act deaf, blind, and stupid — Warren Buffett?