To The Editor:

Have you noticed the new sleazy ads on TV promoting Hardee’s Texas Barbecue Hamburger? They have sunk to a new low.

A skimpily clad “Bikini Babe” writhing on the floor (a quick flash amongst other shots is totally disgusting) — every time they come up with a new sandwich they promote it with a new more outrageous ad worse than the one before.

Each new ad campaign I fill out customer comments cards, denouncing the contents of the commercials. Apparently my opinion doesn’t count for much. It probably gives them a good laugh. “Oh, no! We have offended some old lady.” “Too Bad.”

I am older, old enough to remember family safe advertising on TV. I can’t believe the TV networks would accept those ads. Is money the bottom line? I understand marketing. I used to write copy for a radio station. We never once considered putting something sleazy on the air. I know times have changed. I’ve done some research on Hardee’s past “in bad taste” ads. The one that was banned from the Super Bowl was unbelievable. It’s obvious the young male audience is their target. I just don’t get it. When you have a superior product you don’t have to resort to trashy advertising.

I talked to the manager of Hardee’s at Union. He seemed like a nice young man who listened to my complaint. I told him, “I love Hardee’s, your biscuits are the best around, hamburgers hard to beat. Your store is clean, people friendly, good service, convenient and on my way to town. However, I will not stop here as long as you run those trashy ads. He said he had heard of the ad, hadn’t seen it. If I wanted to get their attention, call the corporate office and he gave me the phone number. I thanked him and said hope to see you soon.”

I called the phone number, closed for weekend. Monday a.m. I called, got a recording. They even have a separate line for customer comments on latest ad campaign — imagine that! The recording said, “they were experiencing heavy call loads, please leave your comments, your opinion is important to us.” I gave them my opinion which was a shortened version of this letter, and thanked them for their time.

If there are any others out there who agree with me, I would appreciate if you would give them a call and let them know it. I also gave them my name and phone number and asked them to return my call. So far I’ve heard nothing from them.

All I can do is voice my complaint against their shoddy advertising and put my money where my mouth is. At this time, I can not support Hardee’s with my business.

I’m hoping they will pull the ad, and I can go back, to my favorite bacon, egg, cheese biscuits.

The phone number to call is 1-877-799-7827.