To The Editor:

Stop the presses! Stop the texting! The new phone books are here! Holy Moly! What a great idea! Put a bunch of phone numbers in a book; why didn’t I think of that!

Every once in a blue moon, I actually need a phone book. I haven’t been in the phone book for over 10 years. Come to think of it, it’s been 10 years since I had a landline phone. I still get at least half a dozen phone books every year. Sure hope recycled paper comes into play!

Cellphones, anyone come up with a “cellphone book”? Would that be an infringement of privacy? I only have a prepaid cellphone, but in exchange for paying for calling time I haven’t any tele-marketers or even a wrong number for a long, long time. I recall “411,” for information.

If you really need to call someone, and that someone is no longer in the “book”; maybe I’m just out of luck? Prepaid cellphones may be temporary, but you get a number. Get a new phone and get a new number. How would anyone keep up with all the cellphone numbers anyway? Maybe one day, there will be no more phone books! Pay phones are history!

Can the “phone book” be on the endangered species list next? Would anyone want their cellphone number made public? Would someone be covered under the First Amendment for printing a “cellphone directory”? Six phone books a year, yeah if they go extinct, I won’t loose any sleep!