To The Editor:

How can the few anti-annexation people sound like so many?

I do hope that the many of you who are not: being obstructive and creating hysterical sound bites, self-serving — vote for the annexation. The plan is modest and will enable Washington to continue to be economically viable.

How about just the facts? You have a vote on Aug. 5 —so it is not forced. Taxes will not be raised. To raise taxes it must be on the ballot and voted on by the residents.

Something to think about: Should the annexation not pass on Aug. 5, I would hope the city would look at all the 40-50-year-old contracts that address services to those who reside outside the city limits (fire, water and the special road district). I had someone tell me the reason they were not for annexation is they really like their “Special Road District” — I said, “did you know that Washington pays for 90 percent of that?” So for those who say they get nothing from the city need to rethink their objections.

For those of you who are thinking your vote does not count — it does. A good turnout is needed to pass the annexation. Vote yes on Aug. 5.