To The Editor:

Murder or not, there was no excuse for mobs destroying neighborhoods. Mob rule only discredits the group or race involved. No one will trust them for years to come. The death of Michael Brown was just an excuse for criminal activities, not a protest as the media tried to show.

If I am wrong with my criminal statement, why were nearly all the looting done at high-value merchandise stores? Who cares that looting destroyed a neighborhood? Who cares that the neighborhood lost sources of food, clothing and trade goods?

The results of those sorts brings additional grief to the family. Not only did they lose a loved one, but left a legacy of his death starting a riot. Also, that their friends have lost their jobs and businesses.

Cameras do not lie. Some of the young criminals were laughing as they destroyed and looted.

If a member of the police force murdered Michael Brown, why is there not any photo evidence? Today, cellphones record everything, including body parts. Sad also, young people have been known to lie or make excuses for their behaviors. I hope this is not one of those incidents.

Will the looting and destruction stop? No, not until the media stops inciting more riots. For once, I agree with Al Sharpton. The family has suffered enough.

As one of those business owners, I would sue the media. Hour after hour coverage helped incite those riots. No guilt by police as of yet. So why keep reporting unproven fact or opinions.

The protestors want the name of the officer involved. Why, so they can murder the officer or his family? What if it was one of their own?

The American justice system is clear. A crime is not a crime until proof that a crime was done.