To The Editor:

I was appalled to find in the April 10 (Wednesday) edition of The Missourian, Page 10C, a news article titled, “Air Force Begins Grounding Some Combat Aircraft.”

In my opinion this ranked as front-page news in all caps — “AIR FORCE BEGINS GROUNDING SOME COMBAT AIRCRAFT!”

One–third of active-duty combat aircraft is being grounded, starting with F-16s, F-22s, A-10s, and B-1s. This is just the start. In my opinion next will be the Army, Navy, Marines and other special entities.

How could President Obama and his administration allow such a thing when daily on the news we hear and read about North Korea threatening to bomb the United States or one of our allies?

Then there is our most recent terrorist act in Boston with reported ties to Islam. Let them bomb us, or some country close to us, and then we will think about what we will do!

Reminds me of the health care bill that we’re supposed to sign and OK before we know what it says.