To The Editor:

Friendship has its limitations, Missourian.

For the second time in my history as a reader and subscriber to The Missourian, I disagree. Vehemently, at that.

I commented months ago that (Sen. Claire) McCaskill would work hard to distance herself from a failing president, with whom she has voted practically in lock-step for a philosophy and vision that will, unchallenged, destroy the America I know and love.

From ObamaCare and policies that destroy religious freedom, abortion not only on demand but because, egads, it’s a girl, to gay marriage, McCaskill has made her position clear.

As a so-called Catholic, she’s not alone. She shares the mattress with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Cathleen Sebelius. I won’t comment on how disgusting it is to me to think these people as Christians.

As I wrote, friendship has its limitations, Missourian. Hard lessons are to be learned when those we befriend betray the very foundations of our lives. Meanwhile, please stop defending McCaskill. It’s beneath you. She’s betrayed all of us who put God first and our political parties second.

She’s sold out those of us who believe in free enterprise, hand-ups instead of handouts, marriage between a woman and a man, and the sanctity of all human life from conception to death, sex, health, and age notwithstanding.

I urge you to closely examine today’s Democrat Party. Please tell me what semblance you see to the Party of the People from FDR to Kennedy to the Democrat Party that exists under the leadership of Barrack Obama and his foot soldiers like McCaskill.

Further, friendship should be based on trust. Not on the actions of those who say one thing and do another. Those aren’t friends. They’re phonies and panderers and not worthy of representing the people.