To The Editor:

The headline for Ms. Cunningham’s letter to the editor in the Weekend Missourian lacked good judgment along with the letter itself.

I was appalled to see that The Missourian would join forces with Ms. Cunningham inciting school violence. To suggest and even name our area schools as the next targets of gun violence only plants seeds in the minds of those who want recognition for an evil act.

Humans have free will. This free will allows them to make good choices and poor choices. Blaming guns for poor choices is stupid. A retail establishment has the right to sell guns just as much as one that sells baseball bats, knives, household chemicals, matches, frying pans, or anything else that can be used to harm others.

The problem is not an inanimate object but the person who seeks to harm others. So, Ms. Cunningham, please quit encouraging gun violence in our schools by writing such stupid letters to the editor. And, Missourian, please choose your words more carefully for the editorial headlines.

From a concerned parent who loves freedom.