To The Editor:

When God created mankind he blessed each of us with a free will. Not because we were perfect creatures who would always make the “right choice” but rather, I believe, because exercising one’s free will is vital to a meaningful existence.

As humans each of us long for the freedom to lead our own lives, make our own decisions and exercise our free will. Ironically, while craving their own individual freedom, many feel compelled to exercise control over others by dictating how they conduct their lives, denying others the very free will which is so dear to them.

This tendency is very prevalent in our society today, especially in government. Elected officials continually enact legislation dictating what each of us can and can’t do in our daily lives. This is generally not done out of malice but rather in response to individuals or groups that demand something to be done. I presume that intentions are good in most cases, however, each time a new law is passed our government is limiting the exercise of individual free will.

I believe it should be the primary responsibility of all elected officials to protect the individual liberty and freedom of their constituents. Before voting for new legislation I urge elected officials to pause and reflect to consider whether the loss of individual freedom is really necessary. Remember, God gave each of us a free will even knowing that we are all imperfect and will make some poor choices. Do we know better than God?