To The Editor:

From the days of yore, democracy and freedom, that’s what living in the USA is all about! Our government speaks with forked tongue, it preaches and promotes the value of living in a democratic society, though it seems socialism is gaining ground more and more!

As we approach April 15, many think of filing taxes and I’m dwelling on the smoking ban I understand has been given the green light by our city council. Yes, I’m a smoker, and I work, pay taxes, etc., just like the nonsmokers, so why do I feel like a minority with little or no rights? I like the freedom of choice, how about you?

Here is somewhat of a picture to burn into your brain. “In public places, all smokers who do not prefer to step outside, are now dipping or chewing tobacco. Instead of secondhand smoke clouds, there are now groups of people mingling with spit cups in hand, provided that they prefer spit cups over tossing a wad or spitting everywhere!

“Maybe a small percent of smokers outside will use an ash can, while the rest decorate sidewalks, curbs and the landscape with a gazillion butts, and there is that cloud of smoke to greet you and say adios to you at the door outside!”

Was it not fair to allow business owners to decide if they choose to be smoke-free or not? A small bar or such that has paid taxes or provided revenue to the city for a long, long time; what if the ban drove them to the point of closing their doors for good?

Is this how the city says, “Thank you”? Yes, there is that part of a quote I like and refer to, “we the people” will give way to “we the government”! As of April 15, will the city, hire more people for street cleaning? There will be a lot of butts getting tossed everywhere. For smokers and nonsmokers, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Hope the late Rodney King doesn’t mind me borrowing that quote. It just kind of fits!