To The Editor:

I was privileged to go to Washington, D.C., on the latest Honor Flight Sept. 26, 2012. Of the 25 happiest days of my life, I can proudly say this was one of them.

We had 25 veterans and 20 support personnel who attended to our every need, including pushing us in wheelchairs. One nice thing after another was extended to us. When we taxied into Baltimore-Washington International Airport we were greeted with two fire engines opening their hoses to form an arch for our plane to taxi through. Then when we entered the arrival area, we were greeted by a Naval Honor Guard in their dress uniforms, thanking us for our service and wanting to have their picture taken with us. This was just the start.

We visited the World War II Memorial, the Korean, Iwo Jima, Vietnam Wall, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Air Force, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, FDR’s Memorial. What a day!

When we arrived at St. Louis International Airport, we were greeted by Marines in battle fatigues and a whole length of other former military, family, friends all with one hand holding long poles with the American flag and the other hand saluting.

There are no words to truly justify this day, so may I say to all the Honor Flight volunteers, to Mid-American Coaches — thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you all and God bless America!