To The Editor:

We’re getting more than a little annoyed at all the references to nonresidents of Washington getting everything for nothing.

Sure, we go to churches, schools, streets, parks, doctors, movies, etc., in the city of Washington but we are also supporting those churches, schools, parks, businesses, etc. We work at our churches, our schools and we volunteer with civic organizations that have made countless contributions to the city amenities.

It is not all done by Washington residents. Where would Washington be if it were not for nonresidents who work here and shop here and pay sales tax here? The half-cent city sales tax supports the city. We pay those taxes, too. We are a part of and take pride in Washington as our community just as much as residents.

Nonresidents are also volunteer firefighters. That is a major contribution. We are not getting fire protection free of charge. Washington is not a fire district like Boles and Pacific and the taxpayers are better off that it is not.

We volunteer every day at the Fair and we pay our way in, too. We do these things because we love the “community” of Washington and it’s not just in the city limits.

Why is there not a current map of the annexation area in The Missourian? It has been changed so many times most people don’t even know what is proposed.

It appears that the strategy has become keep the facts from us and make the city residents jealous of us so they will vote for the annexation. How about a little more emphasis on what the city promises to provide and a definite time frame on that.