To The Editor:

I am writing about my witnessing one of the most selfish acts ever displayed by mankind.

After attending a very moving and emotional funeral Mass of a family member at Our Lady of Lourdes Saturday morning, the funeral “travel cade” proceeded to the St. Francis Borgia Cemetery. All cars in the procession had their headlights and flashers on. Myself and passengers were in about the 10th car behind the hearse and had maybe 20 cars behind us. We were heading west on 14th Street turning into the driveway of the cemetery at about 11:15 a.m. I couldn’t help but notice the pulsating nudging of an eastbound car as we entered the driveway of the cemetery. This car that was occupied by a middle-aged man and what appeared to be a preteen daughter, then darted through the gap between our vehicle and the next to proceed to the interment.

The disrespect of this act has troubled me greatly. The day before Father’s Day this (I presume a father) has showed his daughter that his time is much more important than showing respect to a grieving family in a funeral procession.

I would bet the following day, “Father’s Day,” this man’s day went just the way he wanted. He probably made sure of it!

P.S. To the women of the community, ask your husband if he was going east on 14th Street Saturday morning at 11:15 a.m. because he more than likely doesn’t have time to read the paper.