To The Editor:

This is an open letter to all the volunteers at the Washington Senior Center.

Recently we held an appreciation dinner and were so pleased with the wonderful turnout. Being able to thank all of you for everything you do was great.

It was recently brought to our attention that not all volunteers received invitations or their certificates of appreciation.

We wish to apologize for this error.

As most of you know our administrator has been out ill, and there was a problem with getting a full list of names of the volunteers. If you did not get an invitation or your certificate, please call the center at 636-239-3374 and give us your name and correct address.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the invitation, but we can make sure you get your appreciation certificate and that we have your name and address for the next time.

Again, we greatly apologize and hope there are no hard feelings.

Thanks to all of you for all you do.