To The Editor:

I am appalled at the uncaring, unfeeling excuse for humanity that would steal from a 70-year-old woman while away from her home, caring for her dying son.

I returned to my home in Gerald last night to find out that while I was doing God’s work tending to the sick and dying, right before Christmas, someone broke into my home, ransacked it and stole my possessions.

How low can humanity go? This proves they can stoop to the lowest form of snakes. I do nothing to hurt anyone else. I try to give back to society; I pay by tithes to the Lord and in return these lowlifes destroy my life. I’m devastated. I was already sick enough because my son is dying a horrible death that is painful and I see him suffering daily — fighting to live as he has fought to live since before his 2nd birthday when he was diagnosed with this disease. Then to go home to my own home and find it has been invaded by thieves who robbed me blind.

It makes it difficult to trust anyone or to go on in life. I don’t deserve this — not that anyone does — but it seems even worse at a time like this Christmas season. What’s wrong with people anymore? I’ve worked hard all my life. Why can’t these lowlifes make a living by working instead of destroying the life of an elderly lady?

I also feel unsafe now at my home. I’ve been violated by these thieves! How do you rest comfortably at your own home after this?

I pray the Lord catches them and these jerks are punished and the police put them behind bars so they can’t do this again to anyone.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.