To The Editor:

I am a retired teacher and I went to Jefferson City on May 11 with other active and retired teachers to visit our legislators.

What happened that day was a display by our state Sen. Brian Nieves that was a disgrace to his office. I heard him scream disgusting, threatening, obscene language directed specifically at a retired teacher in my group. That language has no business anywhere, but in a senate office directed at a constituent is scary.

While sitting in his outer office, I listened to the senator as he screamed at the teacher. The senator felt his family was put in danger by a letter to the editor that the teacher had written. The letter revealed the dates that the senator was going to be out of town for a conference. I don’t quite understand how that had threatened the senator’s family. It sounded like he was trying to make the teacher take a swing at him.

I felt that it was the perfect example of bullying.

Sen. Nieves needs to go; too bad we have three more years before we can vote him out. I hope Franklin County voters can see that we have a bully representing us.