To The Editor:

I wish every parent whose child rides a school bus could spend a few days in my seat.

My job, firstly, is to keep your child safe.

Not only do I have to maneuver a vehicle this size, I’m watching out for the other drivers. I’ve got a panel full of buttons to operate, mirrors to constantly check and gauges to watch. I’m doing this while making sure that your child get’s across the street safely.

Do you know how many drivers run through my flashing stop sign in a week?

My secondary job while all this is going on is to monitor your child’s behavior. Not an easy task.

I can’t hear much over the sound of the engine and fans blowing. I can’t see what your child may be watching on his or her electronic device that may be inappropriate.

I can’t see one child eating a snack behind the seat that another child a few seats away may have a severe allergy to. Some kids I don’t see because of taller seats in my bus.

Heck, when the sun is just right, the glare blinds me from what goes on back there completely. I promise to do my very best every day to do my job.

I need your help at home by teaching your kids respect for me, themselves and others around them.