To The Editor:

I received a letter from our local electric provider shortly after my solar electric system was activated. The letter offered to purchase my SREC (solar renewable energy credits) for $5 each over a period of 10 years.

Through a lot of research I found out exactly what a SREC was and what it was worth. One SREC is earned for every one megawatt hour of power produced by my solar unit. Each SREC can be saved for a three-year period.

In Missouri we do not have the legislative requirements in place to buy and sell SRECs on the open market. These SRECs are considered a commodity and can sell for as much as $680 each. Please be sure to contact your Missouri state legislators and ask them to initiate and pass the legislative action to set up a Renewable Portfolio Standard which allows solar panel owners to sell our SRECs on the open market.

I know from my own experience that these technical terms are very confusing. But be assured it is in your best interest to investigate this further. You can look online at to find more information.

If you have installed a solar electric system make sure to write your state legislator.