To The Editor:

In a recent editorial of The Missourian about Rush Limbaugh’s placement into the Missouri Hall of Fame, the editor stated that “probably most Missourians aren’t going to lose any sleep over this issue. In fact, most people probably aren’t aware there is a Hall of Famous Missourians.”

I guess we can also assume the wives, daughters and ladies of Rep. Tilley and his like-minded colleagues are not going to lose any sleep as well. Are these elected officials who were secretly invited to praise Limbaugh, a reflection of their families and voters who put them in office?

The Hall of Fame for famous Missourians has one thing in common that Mr. Limbaugh does not; they share some redeeming humanizing value that we fellow Missourians can admire.

Rush Limbaugh has no redeeming quality to admire.

Mr. Limbaugh wallows in bigotry, xenophobia, hatred and misogyny. Limbaugh’s creepy misogyny over the years came to a point when he publicly disgraced Sandra Fluke, a student, as a “slut” because of her stance on contraception. Then on the next airing of his show he would like to see her on a porn tape practicing safe sex.

Do the families of Tilley and those attending the ceremony really admire Limbaugh’s bigotry? Missouri’s Hall of Fame is not a Hall of Infamy.

Visit the Capitol and the Hall of Famous Missourians. They all have contributed in positive ways to engender and expand the qualities of good citizenship and human values.

The recent addition of Mr. Limbaugh should be placed outside the Hall of Fame in the free open air, on the lawn of the Capitol for the pigeons to have a comfortable roost.