To The Editor:

To The Washington School Board —

Save Fifth Street School! I am writing in support of Kim Luechtefeld and other concerned citizens. To quote a partial remainder of Kim’s letter that appeared in the April 23, 2014, edition of The Missourian:

“Citizens of Washington School District vote from their hearts, and many in their prayers. It could be looked at as a misleading campaign for closing Fifth Street’s doors. Many may not have approved the most recent levy, without the promise that Fifth Street would stay open. It could be deduced that the levy was in excess of the intended projects and improvements for which the funds were approved . . .

“Many claim the building is solid; built to last with art, beauty, and craftsmanship. The majority did not approve the original measure to blend Fifth Street Elementary and South Point Elementary schools, which holds a similar story in relation to the former village of South Point.

“. . . The School District of Washington is discussing this further at the April 30 meeting at 7 p.m. We ask the school board to gracefully consider the true cost to our community, and the true value of our heritage and environment at their discussion. It’s a WashMO thing! We hope you understand! . . .”

Join the discussion on Facebook: Save Fifth Street Elementary, Washington, Mo.

Come to the meeting April 30 at 7 p.m. at the Locust Street Administration Building.

Please join us!